I am leaving tumblr

It’s been great. I met a lot of super cool bloggers, kept in touch with far away friends and even got to talk to people I greatly respect in the art world, but it’s time to close down the account.

I, unfortunately, have an over active sense of imagination. Certain issues or topics can make me feel awful for days, even when I know the importance of that topic being discussed. Even with the use of post blocking programs and talking to people or friends that I follow, I just can’t escape subject matter that make me unconditionally miserable. I need to leave tumblr for the sake of my own emotional state.

I’m going to try and stay online in some respect at least. I’ll be moving my art over to my Weasyl page, and will likely keep producing art, although slowly as school starts up. I will post this more than once over the next week so anyone who wants to keep following my art doesn’t miss this.

It’s been fun, but it’s time for me to try and do this on a different platform.

I really want to do another weekly drawing series, but I don’t have the time for the work Monster Thursday and Creature Tuesday had.

I Think what I’ll do is choose a theme for the week, and draw as many sketches of that thing as I can, making little daily things.

What do you think?